Portugal é um dos países com recomendações, comparticipações terapêuticas, centros de referencia e formação académica da FH


As recomendaçoes da FH Portugal publicadas no artigo da #JAMACardiology, Reducing the Clinical and Public Health Burden of Familial Hypercholesterolemia, A Global Call to Action:

• Director-General of Health recommended in the National Child Health Program that children between the ages 2Y and 4Y with a family history of a premature CVD, sudden death, FH, and hereditary dyslipidemias most be screened,

• Portugal has Reference Centers specializing in FH: Metabolic Unit in Pediatric Department, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte; Cardiogenetics Department, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental; and Lusiadas Lisbon Hospital,

• Portugal has variable reimbursement of therapeutics for FH, and LDL-apheresis is free of charge,

• FH is included in the curriculum of Medical School at the University of Lisbon and specialist training programs for health care professionals.