A 2ª onda estava prevista e publicada, Lancet, Abril, S Xu, Y Li

Be aware of the second wave

Beware of the second wave of COVID-19, S Xu, Y Li, LANCET, April 2020.

Leung and colleagues also modeled the potential adverse consequences of premature relaxation of interventions and found that such a decision might lead to transmissibility exceeding again, this 2º wave of infections. The finding is critical to governments globally because it warns against the premature relaxation of strict interventions. A study focused on the effects of extending or relaxing physical distancing control measures in Wuhan has suggested that if the measures are gradually relaxed in March, this 2º wave of cases might occur in the northern hemisphere mid-summer.

Country specific models of the effects of travel restrictions and social distancing, as well as the alternative strategies after the relaxation of these interventions, such as the use of face masks, temperature checks, and contact tracing, are now needed. Consulte o artigo dos autores, S Xu, Y Li. THE LANCET April 08, 2020.


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